youth clasees

youth classes

Every teacher at bellA dance is passionate about dance and passionate about kids. We want students to love dancing and being at dance class. For this reason, we create a fun environment through the use of props and popular music from favorite movies and TV shows to help the younger ones remain engaged. For the older children, current music, freeze dancing, and improvisation time keeps them in love with dance class. In addition, the studio develops a sense of community beyond the dance class by hosting holiday parties, Parents’ Night Out, Dress-Up Week for Halloween, and other events throughout the year.

  • Tap involves rhythmic movement of the feet intended to create sound.  It focuses on timing, rhythm, and foot coordination.
  • Jazz is marked by sharp yet fluid movements combined with stretching and leaping all done to popular music.
  • Ballet is the backbone of all dance as it teaches and demands technique, strength, flexibility, and emotion.
  • Hip Hop, also known as street dancing, allows the dancer to let loose while rhythmically moving to current pop and hip-hop music.
  • Modern is best described as a less technical combination of jazz and ballet which allows the dancer to tell a story through the expression of raw emotion.
  • Acro encourages intense stretching and flexibility of the arms, back, and legs. As a gymnastic dance, acro allows the dancer to tumble while dancing.