Sangita Seaburg

Sangita was born in Bulawayo, Rhodesia and spent the majority of her childhood in Zambia, where she danced competitively in a Bollywood style dance. She relocated to Virginia Beach in 1974 with her family to escape the political unrest in Zambia. She graduated from Bayside High School in 1981 and continued her education at Old Dominion University, where she received a Bachelor's of Business Administration, with a minor in Psychology in 1987. She started a family and worked part time as a dance instructor at Jean Wallace Dance Studio, while homeschooling her three children. After 21 years of marriage, she lost her husband to bladder cancer. It was through the care she provided, as her husband battled the cancer, that she realized her calling to become a nurse. When she neared the end of nursing school, she was saddened by the thought of giving up teaching dance, and is now determined to continue teaching while pursuing her career in nursing. Sangita currently works in an oncology unit where she uses what she has learned, both academically and personally, to help others. She is happy to celebrate her 28th year teaching dance, and looks forward to many, more.